Beyond Simple A/B Testing in retail & fashion

Learn how to build a best in class digital experience optimisation practice

In this webinar, you will learn the four components of a best in class optimisation practice and ow you can leverage them to transform the way your organisation approaches testing as well as the results you deliver.

People and culture: The attributes of the best optimisation professionals along with the team & team culture required for them to shine

Methodology: Robust processes which support rather than stifle innovation and are a key element in a best in class optimisation practice.

Research & strategy: The best test hypothesis come from a strong understanding of your data and your customers. Learn what research you should be doing and how to integrate these learnings into an effective strategy.

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Date: Thurs, 8 November

Time: 2:00PM GMT

Duration: 30 mins 

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Douglas Morris, director of digital optimisation, Ratio


Measurement: Good KPI’s are critical, even beyond those used to measure test performance. We will look at the KPI’s you should set around your testing program and how these can help you to ‘optimise your optimisation’.

Technology: Defining what's required from an optimisation platform to support your optimisation objectives.

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